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3 Signs You Should Have Your Home's Indoor Air Quality Tested

by Antonin Fontai

You might have never thought about having the air quality in your home tested, but there are environmental labs out there that offer this service. This isn't something that you will likely want to have done on a routine basis, but it can be smart in some situations to have your indoor air quality tested. These are a few signs that this is a service that you should look into.

1. Someone in Your Family Has Allergies

If you or someone else in your family has allergies, it is a good idea to have your air tested for potential allergens. Although there isn't much that you can do about the contaminants in the air when you're out and about, you can do something about the air in your home. If you find that there are allergens in the air in your home, you can take steps to improve the air quality. Then, you or your family member with allergies can be comfortable while at home and may be able to reduce the amount of medication that you take.

2. You Don't Feel Well

Have you noticed that you often don't feel well but can't figure out why? Contaminated air can cause nausea, sneezing, watery eyes, headaches and other forms of discomfort. Although these can all be signs of other things, if you find that these uncomfortable symptoms are long-lasting or are affecting multiple people in your family, it could be because of the air in your home.

3. Your Home is Old

In some cases, older homes can be more prone to poor indoor air quality. This can be caused by lots of things, such as ducts that need to be cleaned and old building materials that are deteriorating and causing dust, asbestos, mold and other problems. If you have your air quality tested, you can get an idea of the contaminants that might be present in your home. Then, you can attack the problem at the source -- or hire a professional asbestos or mold cleaning company to come out and get rid of these problems safely -- so that you and your family can breathe easily again.

An environmental lab can test the indoor air quality in your home for all sorts of contaminants. Even if you have never thought about using one of these services before, these are a few signs that it's a good idea to do so.