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Four Things To Be Aware Of Before Installing Solar Panels

by Antonin Fontai

If you are like many homeowners, you might be considering having solar panels installed on your property. However, it is important to know some things beforehand. Here are four things you should be aware of before installing solar panels.

The Condition of Your Roof

Before thinking about solar panels, it is vital that you know the condition of your roof. If you have not had it inspected in some years, now is the time to have it looked at by a professional roofer. Particularly, you need to be sure that there are no signs of mold or mildew, no leaks and no damaged shingles. You need to be sure your roof is structurally sound before you put solar panels on top of it. Also, if you do have roofing issues and problems, it is easier to have them taken care of before covering your roof with panels.

You May Need to Consult Your Accountant

You might already know that there are various state and federal tax incentives that you may be eligible for if you install solar panels. However, what you might not know is that your tax burden may not be high enough to benefit from those incentives.

Go through your past tax returns so you have some idea of what your tax burden might be this year, and then meet with your accountant to figure out whether the incentives in place will benefit you if you install panels. 

Your Property May Need Ground-Mounted Panels

Rooftop panels that face the west and south are usually able to capture a lot of sunlight. However, if your property doesn't get much sun in those directions, you can still have solar panels installed on your property. They will just be mounted on the ground.

Keep in mind that if you have ground-mounted solar panels, you may have additional costs during the installation process. You will need to pay for concrete footings and you will also need to dig a trench for the footings. Also, you will be responsible for the cost of running wire back and forth to connect everything.

Leasing Is Also an Option

You might not realize that you can also lease solar panels for your house. Leasing allows you to sidestep installation setup costs; instead, you will be responsible for a monthly fee. To lease panels, however, you might be required to sign an agreement that spans a number of years. You might discover that you end up spending more money over time than you would if you bought the panels outright.

Now that you have some information that can help you make smart decisions about installing solar panels on your property, contact a few local installation companies like AAA Solar Source. They should be able to provide even more advice about whether solar panels are suitable for your home.