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4 Things To Think About When Starting A Business Recycling Program

by Antonin Fontai

If you own a small business, one of the easiest ways to make your business go green is by starting up a business recycling program. Homes and businesses create the vast majority of waste that fills up the landfills each year. By simply introducing and developing comprehensive recycling program, you can make your business go green without having to make major changes or financial investments, which is a big win as a small business owner.

Figure Out The Type Of Trash That Your Business Generates

Before you start a recycling program, you need to figure out the type of trash that your business generates. Does your business generate a lot of cardboard? Do you use a lot of colored paper? Do you go through a lot of batteries? Do you generate a lot of glass waste?

Knowing the type of garbage that your business generates will help you develop a recycling plan that works effectively for your business. You can figure out the type of waste you generate a few different ways.

You could ask all employees to keep track of the type of trash that they throw away for a couple of days, and use that information to figure out the different types of recycling that would benefit your business. Or you can go through and do a visual assessment of your trash cans at the end of each business day for a week to determine the type of trash that your generate. Or you can just use your general knowledge about your business to help figure out the type of recycling that you need.

Contact Your Local Recycling Company

Once you have a handle on the items that your business needs to recycle, contact your local commercial recycling company. Let them know the type of waste that your business typically generates. Then work with them to come up with a plan for how many waste management bins you need and what types of bins that you need.

You may find out after you have the bins installed that you need larger bins or more bins for a certain item. Work together with your local commercial recycling company until you come up with the correct combination. With the right teamwork and collaboration, you should be able to greatly reduce the amount of trash you throw out every week.

Educate Your Employees

Once you have the recycling containers, you need to educate your employees on how to use the new recycling bins. Consider holding a training seminar just for this purpose. The faster your employees get on-board, the easier it will be to implement a recycling program and cut down on the waste that your business generates. Be sure to get your employees feedback after the program has been in place for a few weeks – they may be able to let you know where you need additional or different bins and may have additional ideas about how to improve the program.

If you want to be able to say that you run a green small business, the easiest way to make that leap is by collaborating with a local recycling company and turning most of your garbage into items that can be recycled. This will allow your company to claim the green badge and may even save you money by reducing the amount of garbage you need to have picked every week. 

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