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3 Sneaky Indications You Have A Beginning Mouse Problem In Your Home

by Antonin Fontai

With the ability to excrete as many as 80 droppings per day and chew right through everything from wire to drywall, one common household mouse has the ability to cause a lot of damage on their own. However, if the mouse reproduces and you end up with a population of mice in your house, you are definitely facing a nightmare. While an infestation can be a major problem to get rid of even with a mice removal professional, if you catch the problem early, you will be able to get a handle on the situation a lot easier. But first, you have to get to know the sneaky indications that you have mice in your home. 

You are discovering odd odors radiating from strange places. 

The smell that radiates from mice droppings and urine can be incredibly overwhelming even in small quantities. The thing is, you will not necessarily have to be directly over a nest to catch a whiff. Items that produce heat, such as the oven, are notorious for becoming nesting spots for mice because the rodents can tuck themselves away in the insulation in the back of the appliance. You may even notice the odor coming through your vents when you kick on the air conditioner or heat, which is a sign that you have mice nesting inside of your ducts. 

There are nesting materials showing up around the house. 

From small shreds of toilet paper dropped along the corners of the bathroom to tidbits of insulation scattered around dark cabinets, you may notice signs of nesting behavior before you ever see a single mouse. Mice tend to gather up wads of materials they can use to build a nest and try to pack it back to their nest, but it is not uncommon for them to drop pieces along the way. 

Things are coming up missing with no explanation.

There is a reason why people often use the term "pack rat" for someone who hoards a lot of seemingly useful items: Rodents do this all the time. Anything that looks like it could be useful or eaten has the potential to get dragged back to the mouse's nest. If you have things disappearing in your house, whether it is socks, papers, or even small plastic items, it could easily be a mouse that is causing all the hassle. Many times exterminators will pop up floor boards or track down a nest in an attic and find an array of random household objects. 

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